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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Personal project ideas

I'm absolutely in love with the Jazz Age and the flapper style. For my personal project I hope to create a beautiful embellished 20s flapper style dress. That's my plan anyway, let's see how I feel once I look at how many beads I need to use! 


It's been a while haha. Just been busy busy busy with my module projects, looking for work placements and other things. My millinery's going quite well, hoping to post some photos up here soon. Tailoring on the other hand is well..going slowly..finding it quite hard to keep up. Here's hoping I have a jacket in the end!! Christmas soon, but the next few weeks will be full of millinery and tailoring..and thinking about my personal project, which is really exciting!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Last year's work

Just to keep everything up to date here are some images of the previous year's projects.

The first project I did was for Cut And Construction, where we had to create 50s prom dresses, I enjoyed researching the dresses as I love the 50s style, but found the making of the dress testing and difficult as it was the first project. I learned a lot from the project and found out that I'm not as bad at construction as I thought I would be!

My dress worn by my lovely model Louise at the Catwalk Show

The images below are of my maquette for the Embellishment module of the course. I chose to make a replica (or as close to a replica) of the Firebird ballet dress. This again was quite challenging as it was such a small scale to work with but I was happy with the result, and enjoyed learning new embellishment skills.

These are some images of the live project we took part in, for the centenery celebration of the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough. Both first and second years of the costume course made costumes from different eras, but our class were asked to focus on the 80s. I would have preferred to do something older as the 80s still haunt us in the world of fashion and music etc, but I chose to create a Madonna-style corset, ra-ra skirt, lace leggings and a lace tshirt. I was very pleased with the outcome, even if I had some problems along the way, and especially loved my leopard print that I did myself using stencilling.

My 80s costume on the catwalk

Saturday, 15 October 2011

We Will Rock You!

I recently went to the award winning musical in the Sunderland Empire, which was an amazing and dazzling performance. I am quite a big Queen fan so I was really looking forward to the show, but I didn't know how incredible and well made the costumes were. I especially loved "Meat"'s costume more than the rest. It's definitely a must see for fellow Queen lovers as well as costume lovers.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New modules

Second year's proving to be tough work already! The new modules are Tailoring and millinery. I'm finding tailoring tricky and difficult to get used to, but I like a challenge.

I've been researching a lot for millinery and trying to see which hats I would like to make. I'm mostly fascinated by the Cloche hat of the 20s/30s. Just enjoying looking at different eras :)

Starting out!

This is my first time doing a blog, here's hoping I can figure it out :)